PeopleSoft HCM

The CUBS Support team manages PeopleSoft Human Resources applications to meet the University Payroll and Employee needs. We work closely with business owners in the Human Resources Office, Payroll and Insurance Services to help meet the University's needs.

Supported Applications

  • Employee time and leave management
  • Payroll processing
  • HR Self Service
  • Recruitment

HCM 9.2 Production Database (HRPRD)

HR Self Service Production (Includes View Pay Check)

View Paycheck

Tips for Viewing Your Pay Stub Through HR Self Serve

  • Please use Internet Explorer 11 or higher
  • Please use your Novell ID and Password
  • Please look at the check date of your on-line stub to ensure payment is for the correct pay period

Note: You must have Adobe Acrobat  Installed on your machine to view the online documentation and for viewing pay stubs. 

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Tax Updates Information
HR Update Image Released Date Tax Updates Included Applied to HRTRN Image Checked out by QA in HRTRN Applied to HRPRD

Tax Update Documentation
(updated at time of release date)
Also under: O:\BSystems\HCM92_TAX_updates

9.2.023 7/21/2017 TAX17-C 8/4/2017   12/4/2017 TAX17C
9.2.024 10/6/2017 TAX17-D 12/11/2017   12/15/2017 TAX17D
PRPatch 12/1/2017 TAX17-E 12/19/2017   1/05/2018 TAX17E
PRPatch 12/1/2017 TAX17-E (PRP) 12/20/2017   1/05/2018 TAX17E_too late for actual actual 17E
9.2.025 1/19/2018 TAX18-A 1/25/2018 2/16/18 2/06/18 TAX18-A
9.2.026 4/20/2018 TAX18-B        
9.2.027 7/13/2018 TAX18-C        
9.2.028 10/26/2018 TAX18-D        
? DEC 2018 TAX18-E        


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