Workstation Requirements


PeopleSoft tests and certifies web browsers configured with the default security settings as supplied from the browser vendor. Changes to the default settings may affect the usability of the browser with PeopleSoft applications.

Operating Systems certified by PeopleSoft are up to Windows 10, with Google Chrome, IE and Firefox being certified browsers. Go here to view which versions of browsers are certified by PeopleSoft.

Recommended settings for browser are:
-Browsers must have cookies enabled for use with PeopleSoft.
-Web accelerators are not recommended, particularly if they modify cookies.
-Users who work in both Finance and HR PeopleSoft environments are encouraged close out of the browser when switching applications.
-Popup blocking should be disabled for use with the HR PeopleSoft site (HRPRD).
-To stop the Information Bar in Internet Explorer from appearing when downloading files, add the HR PeopleSoft site ( to the list of intranet sites by following these directions: Click Tools, then Internet Options. Click the Security tab, then select the Local Intranet zone. Click the Sites button, then the Advanced button. Enter the url for PeopleSoft HR, then click Add.

Other general workstation recommendations include:
-For viewing PeopleSoft created pdf documents, Adobe Reader DCis recommended.
-Client workstations with incorrect local time and/or time zone settings may encounter errors. Ensure that workstation time is correct and that automatic changes to daylight savings time are enabled.

The following conditions may create "Page no Longer Available" or similar errors:
-Use of tabbed browsing. PeopleSoft applications do not support tabbed browsing. To open new PeopleSoft windows, users should click the "New Window" link within PeopleSoft.
-Excessive use of the browser back button. Only PeopleSoft navigation links should be used within PeopleSoft.
-Multiple browser windows are open with one or more widows exceeding the session timeout. Re-establish the session by logging in from only one window and closing all other open PeopleSoft windows.
-Using browser bookmarks to open pages in new windows. Use only the "New Window" link within PeopleSoft.
-Saving while the same page is open in different windows. Executing a "Save" on one of the windows and then attempting to navigate via the second widow may cause errors.