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The Business Data Warehouse

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 Viewing, Printing and Exporting Crystal Reports

 Viewing, Printing and Exporting Web Intelligence Reports

Below are some of the reports available through this reporting system.

Budget Center Daily Reports
BI Invoice Aging Detail
Billing Invoice Errors
Billing Invoice Payments for Current, Prior Month and All months
BSR Daily Summary
Journal Budget Check Errors
Journal Header/Line Errors
PO Budget Check Errors
PO Requisitions Unapproved
Statement of Changes with Account Detail for CU, CUF, CURF
Trial Balance by Project for CU, CUF, CURF
Voucher Errors
Vouchers Unapproved

PI Reports
PI Project Grant Budget vs Actual

Budget Center Monthly Reports - by month
BSR Detail for Expenditures
BSR Detail for Grants and Contracts
BSR Detail for Revenue
BSR Summary for Expenditures
BSR Summary for Grants and Contracts
BSR Summary for Revenue

The Data Warehouse system is available during normal business hours of 8:00 am until 5:00 pm.
A normal maintenance window of Saturday morning from 9:00 am until noon will be observed.
For questions about Data Warehouse Reporting, please email
Please look over Security Policies and Procedures